No rewiring necessary! The system uses wireless mesh technology so is perfect for retrofitting into existing houses. Get alerted when things happen while you're away such as smoke or intruder detection! Monitor and control your home using your internet connected phone, tablet or PC no matter where you are! Control your appliances, air-conditioning, security, multimedia, blinds and curtains and much more!

Wireless Smart Home Automation

We offer affordable Smart Home Automation solutions using the latest Z-Wave technology!

SA Home Automation | Smart Home Automation Solutions

We offer affordable Home and Office Automation solutions using the latest wireless Z-Wave technology. We can supply to anyone in South Australia and are available for on site quotations in the Adelaide area.

Our aim is to make Automation affordable to everyone. Whether it be the office boardroom, an existing house, new build or even the holiday house or shed, we can tailor a customized solution that will be right for you!

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Benefits of Automating your Home or Office using Z-Wave:

  • No new wiring necessary! The system uses wireless technology so is perfect for retrofitting into existing houses.
  • Easy installation*, set up and programming if you want to try DIY.
  • Control lights when motion is detected, doors/windows are opened or closed or based on light levels.
  • Send an alert to your tablet or mobile phone via SMS or Email when an event is triggered such as motion detection, fire or doors/windows opening. You can even attach a snapshot from a security camera to your alert!
  • Monitor your energy usage and help identify where you can save power and reduce running costs.
  • Control your windows, blinds and external roller shutters based on light levels, time of day or even if a fire or gas leak is detected!
  • Switch your air-conditioner on as you leave work or set it up to turn on automatically if the temperature reaches a certain level.

With Z-wave, if it turns On and Off, you can control it!

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So if you are in South Australia and want affordable Smart Home Automation then give us a call!

Monitor and Control Lighting, Appliances, Air-conditioning, blinds and curtains and much more.
Your home or office is secure no matter where you are. Receive alerts and trigger alarms if there's a fire or intruder detected.
Control and link all your Audio-Visual systems with your lighting to create the right mood and set scenes.