Previous Jobs

Below you will find some examples of our work from satisfied customers.

Home Theatre Installation

 Work included:

  • Set up of Vera Lite Home Controller.
  • Installation of new LED downlights and other cinema lighting.
  • Automating lighting in the main theatre, entrance, hallway, kitchen and en-suite using Fibaro Dimmers.
  • Automating two external roller shutters using Fibaro Roller Shutter Controllers.
  • Automating the lowering and raising of the main projector screen.
  • Setting up control of all AV equipment for use through iPad and iPhone.
  • Setting up a number of automated ‘scenes’ such as one called “Watch DVD at Night” which involved –
    • Setting all the theatre lighting to a dimmed setting and switching off hallway lighting
    • Closing the roller shutters
    • Lowering the projector screen
    • Turning on all relevant AV equipment and finally opening the DVD drawer ready for a DVD.

“Thanks for all your work and perseverance! The system works just as I imagined and hoped it would.” – Sam (Customer)

Whole Home Lighting and Security Installation

Work Included:

  • Set up of Fibaro Home Centre 2.
  • Installation of Fibaro Multisensors to monitor Motion, Lux and Temperature.
  • Automating all internal and external lighting using Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules.
  • Creation of automated scenes to turn lights on and off automatically depending on motion, Lux levels and time of day.
  • Configuration of 4 IP cameras with PoE through a Network Video Recorder.

“Thanks for delivering a great system! It makes life so much easier when I can control the whole home from the comfort of the sofa!” – Sophie (Customer)


Voice Controlled Home

 Work included:

  • Set up of Vera Lite Home Controller and VeraMate App to enable customer to use voice control for all automated devices in the home. Customer had limited use of arms so this enabled them to control devices without help from others.
  • Installation of new LED lights.
  • Automation of lighting, roller blinds, air conditioner and other appliances such as pedestal fan and lamps.
  • Setting up automated lighting based on motion.

“Thank you for installing everything… I managed to turn my air condition on on my own today. I love my voice control. Thank you Sam!” – Marie (Customer)