FIBARO Z-Wave RGBW Controller


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Unleash your fantasy decorating a living-room or bathroom. Create illumination effect to match weather conditions, your mood or a special occasion. 3 million colours on hand, waiting for your ideas!
Fibaro RGBW Controller is one of a kind, advanced wireless 4-colour LED strips controller. Apart from traditional RGB channels it, also supports the additional white light channel, which allows for adding pastel colours to the colour scheme. The device may control up to four analogue sensors.



Fibaro RGBW Controller can control three as well as four colour LED strips giving you milions of colours of light. Fibaro RGBW Controller has four analogue inputs supporting any sensors, e.g. light sensors, wind sensors, pressure sensors and potentiometers operating within 0-10V range.

Four output channels allow for connecting and independently controlling each of connected light sources.

Fibaro RGBW Controller allows for managing four independent light channels. It’s the world’s only wireless controller allowing for dimming up to four connected light sources independently. RGBW Controller’s versatility ensures correct operation of 12V and 24V light sources as well, without any modifications. This way you don’t have to observe the voltage of connected light sources.

Fibaro RGBW Controller may control:

  • 12 / 24VDC powered RGB strips
  • 12 / 24VDC powered RGBW strips
  • 12 / 24VDC powered LED strips, bulbs, etc.
  • 12 / 24VDC powered halogen lights
  • 12 / 24VDC powered low output power fans

Additional features:

  • 0-10V sensors signal readouts
  • 0-10V potentiometer signal readouts, and managing outputs accordingly, controlled by momentary or toggle switches

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