As a supplier for Digital Home Systems we can offer the absolute best pricing on Z-Wave products in South Australia. Rather than sell products through the website at retail price we prefer to deal directly with the customer so that we can tailor each package to your specific needs. We offer everything from supply only for the true DIYer right through to installation by licensed and experienced electricians and full set up services by qualified systems Engineers.
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See below for some information on some of the Z-Wave products on offer or check out these great videos!


Home Controllers

The main home controller acts as the central hub for your Z-Wave Home Automation system. This is the main processor that controls all your devices and scenes and provides you remote access from anywhere in the world. You can choose from a number of Home Controllers depending on your needs. A basic remote control provides a very cheap option for basic systems whereas the Vera controllers and Fibaro Home Centre can offer far more in terms of features, ease of use and expandability.
Zwave-Vera-Controller Zwave-Remote

Lighting and Appliance Control

If there’s something in your house that turns on or off then you can integrate it into your Home Automation system! From something as simple as a light or fan right up to large appliances or the coffee machine. There are options for integrated light switches and dimmers as well as the extremely portable and versatile 3-pin appliance controllers that simply plug into a power point! You can even control what colour your lights show using new RGB LEDs and an RGB controller.Zwave-Appliance-Switch Zwave-Light-Switch


Why not integrate your home audio-visual system with your home automation system to really set the scene when watching a movie or listening to music? With the SQ-Blaster this becomes a breeze! It effectively act as a intelligent universal remote control blasting IR signals at your TV, DVD player or home receiver providing easy and sleek control through your phone or tablet. No more searching down the couch cushions for the remote control!


Energy Monitoring

Monitor your home energy usage using current clamps on your incoming electricity feed or through the energy monitors built into some Z-Wave devices. You can then use this energy usage to estimate what your next electricity bill will be.


Climate Control

Been sitting at work on a 40°C day wishing you could arrive home to a cool air-conditioned home? With an AC controller from Z-Wave you can switch on you air-conditioning and monitor your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world! You can even set up automatic events so your AC will switch on and off by itself at certain times of the day or when the temperature reaches a certain level. You can choose from a wall mounted solution which replaces your original controller or simply go for an IR blaster which is ideal for wall mounted split systems. Want to open your windows or curtains automatically on a nice day or close them if it rains or gets too sunny? Z-Wave even has a solution for that with blind and curtain motor controllers and automatic window openers!
Zwave-AC-IR-Example Zwave-ThermostatZwave-Window


Hear a noise in the middle of the night and don’t want to get out of bed to check what it was? Leave the kids at home when you go out and want to check up on them? Heading on a holiday and are worried about leaving your home unattended? All of these issues can be solved using products from the Z-Wave range! Using motion detectors and window, door and shock sensors you can be alerted should anything suspicious happen to your home. The Z-Wave home controllers also integrate extremely well with a number of IP cameras so you can check up on your home in real-time and even be emailed snapshots from anywhere in the world. There are even smoke, CO2 and flood sensors available!
Zwave-Outdoor-Cam Zwave-Door-Sensor Zwave-Sensor